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Guest Lecture on Micro Public Places
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We, the Centre for Socius Design at the Department of Architecture Universitas Islam Indonesia invite students and lectures who have rigorous attention to the future of space and its relation with information technologies to assembly to a short guest lecturing on a project called Micro Public Space by Marc Böhlen. The project itself is initiated by Marc with Hans Frei.

The talk will be held at the Dekanat Room of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Planning (FTSP), Main Campus, Wednesday 6 January 2010 at 2 pm / 14.00 WIB (time may change depends on Marc Böhlen’s flight – please keep in touch with the Department -898444 ext 3238 – Mas Deni – or Ilya Maharika at 0818268262).

This talk is compulsory for students of Architecture Design 7 (Perancangan Arsitektur 7),  Final Project (Ilya Maharika) and Public Amenities Design (Pak Hanif Budiman). The talk can be count as “Seminar” prerequisite for the Final Project from CSD).


The Micro Public Places project addresses two prominent vectors of the 21st century: the decay of the public realm and the global expansion of information systems. From the perspective of architectural design practice, the decay of the public realm and the rise of the age of information can be seen as related as architecture is the most public of arts while information design is the most public of technologies. Indeed, the conflux of information processing systems and architecture is rapidly becoming one of the important fronts where notions of public and private are being renegotiated.

Micro Public Places are a response to this 21st century condition. Micro Public Places are formulated as mini institutions at the intersections of public interests. Inspired in part by Latour’s concept of the parliament of things, Micro Public Places expand the design space of the public realm to include information resources, now as essential as electricity and water.


Hans Frei is an architect and architectural historian based in Zürich. See www.hans-frei-arch.ch. Marc Böhlen is an artist and robotics engineer based in Toronto, Buffalo and Zürich. See www.realtechsupport.org.

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